When its all said and done, color match is what you strive for when refinishing your customer’s vehicle. And color match is what has made Sikkens the world’s premium refinishing system for more than 200 years. So it is no surprise that Akzo Nobel is building on its history as the leader with the next generation of color: Autobase Plus. Autobase Plus offers you the finest in color match, spray ability, and metallic control. Independent testing has proven that Autobase Plus is up to 70% more efficient than our major competitors. In other words, Autobase Plus used up to 70% less product when sprayed under equal conditions. From color match and coverage to spray ability and metallic control, now Autobase Plus is clearly the industry’s leading basecoat – the color you can count on!


Akzo Nobel basecoats have long been recognized for the best color match in the industry. The Lesonal product line continues that tradition. Akzo Nobel uses the latest high dispersion technology to meet today’s demanding colors. The easy-to-use Lesonal system provides great system coverage the first time for everything, from spot repairs to complete paint jobs. Lesonal SB, when used in conjunction with the full Lesonal assortment, offers the simplest, most dynamic paint system available in its class. The complete Lesonal system offers streamlined inventory and increased productivity with every step of the refinish process. Lesonal basecoats will give your customers the best finish for the value while lowering your shop’s cycle time and labor costs. What more could you want from a paint system?


Lesonal clearcoats provide the professional body shop with reliable, top-quality products that are easily applied and deliver consistent results in a wide range of environments. The Lesonal clearcoats allow the shop to increase productivity by limiting the possibility of mistakes. Fewer products mean you can deliver consistent results on a daily basis. When used in conjunction with the entire Lesonal system, these clearcoats can assist in significantly raising the overall profitability of the shop. If you’re interested in maintaining service quality while lowering your paint and material costs, ask your Automotive Color sales representative for a demonstration of the Lesonal product line.


U-Tech from Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc. offers the fleet and light commercial market a superior refinish product that addresses today’s demanding needs. Akzo Nobel, the worlds largest coatings company with over 200 years experience in paint technology, purchased the U-Tech product line in 2002. Now U-Tech and Akzo Nobel have teamed up with one of the most professional distributor networks in North America to give you one of the most durable fleet and commercial line of products on the market. The U-Tech line has a complete assortment of products that are VOC compliant for the fleet coatings market. This includes commercial vehicles, buses, tractors and light industrial equipment that uses products derived from car refinishes paint technology. The philosophy of the U-Tech brand is to provide a truly universal toner assortment that covers issues such as color match, durability, and appearance.


If you take a look at the repair process and what the body shop is actually selling to its customers, you would agree that it is labor (more exactly, skilled labor). Although differences may exist in how much labor accounts for the total cost of a repair, you will find in most repairs that the labor cost is the major component. The labor factor is one of the biggest opportunities in your shop for making profit. The availability of skilled employees will make the difference between a modest, good or excellent body shop. We at Automotive Color are dedicated to educating technicians, because ultimately, people make the difference. The employees in your body shop are the determining factor in your body shop’s profitability. Akzo Nobel training courses are taught in state-of-the-art training facilities located all across North America. These facilities are designed to enhance the learning while replicating shop conditions. All of Akzo Nobel’s certified instructors have had extensive body shop experience, as well as rigorous training in learning techniques, which makes for an enjoyable and valuable experience for students. If you are interested in attending one of training courses, ask your Automotive Color sales person for more information.